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SEAL-ONCE® NANO GUARDTM Premium Wood Sealer deeply penetrates the surface to protect and stabilize wood against weather and caustic conditions. This formula uses proprietary nano-polymers to create a long-lasting flexible breathable barrier by coating the wood fibers at the cellular level to provide protection from the inside out.

Our clear, non-film forming NANO GUARD Premium Wood Sealer allows the wood to age naturally without decay, morphing to a rich silver-gray over time. We offer a full range of Semi-Transparent Tints that can be added to the clear formula. These tints operate as UV blockers to prevent the wood from graying while enhancing the natural grain and texture.

Recommended Use:
Decks  Railings  Cedar Shakes  Siding  Log Homes  Fences  Planters  Outdoor Furniture  Play Structures  Structural Framing Composite Decking Window and Door Trim (interior and exterior) Flooring


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  • Eco-friendly
  • Zero VOCs
  • Non-toxic; will not harm pets or plants
  • men's men's Brooks Brooks Cascadia 13 13 Cascadia Non-film forming, breathable barrier
  • Eliminates warping & cupping
  • Prevents wood rot & decay
  • Stabilizes & protects wood
  • Prevents mold, mildew & fungi growth
  • Soap & water clean-up
  • Test absorbency after cleaning by sprinkling water on surface. If the water does not readily penetrate the surface, stripping will be necessary to remove old coatings.


  • Do not use if air or surface temperature is below 45°F/7.22°C or above 95°F/35°C.
  • Do not apply in rain or when rain is imminent.
  • DO NOT THIN. Mix well. Stir contents or shake thoroughly prior to use.
  • Apply two coats wet on damp with a brush, pump-up garden sprayer, air-assisted and/or airless sprayer. Use 17-19 tip and medium to coarse spray pattern. Brush out any puddles.
  • For best results, apply in the shade and out of direct sunlight.
  • When applying in direct sunlight and wood surface is hot, spray with a mist of water and apply SEAL-ONCE immediately on dampened surface.
  • Apply to all surfaces. Apply SEAL ENDS ONCE® to wood ends.
  • Do not use with other waterproofing products.
  • Wood can be painted or stained as soon as it dries in approximately 2-3 hours, if SEAL-ONCE Semi-Transparent Tints are not being used.


  • Allow approximately 2-3 hours depending on temperature and humidity before subjecting surface to light foot traffic.
  • Allow 12-24 hours for full cure, depending on temperature and humidity.
  • When recoating, apply as soon as previous coat has penetrated and surface is damp, not wet.
  • Clean sprayer equipment and brushes with warm soapy water.
  • Disposal: soap and water cleanup; no special disposal procedure needed.


Surfaces that have been treated with SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD can be cleaned using a mixture of 1 gallon warm water, 14 oz. bleach, and 1 oz. of Dawn® dish detergent. Apply this cleaning solution with a sprayer and allow to sit for 20 to 30 minutes on the wood surface before rinsing with water using a garden hose with a nozzle.

This cleaning solution can be used to remove airborne mold and mildew stains, dirt and grime from the wood surface. SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD will prevent and resist any water, mold and mildew penetration. Do not use oxidizers, corrosives, or strippers on surfaces that have been treated with SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD.

men's Cascadia 13 Brooks 13 Brooks Cascadia men's Surfaces can be recoated with SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD at any time. SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD may need to be reapplied for fading tint color, surface damage, in heavily worn or high traffic areas, or in places where the surface may have undergone noticeable changes.

Before reapplying SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD, clean the surface using the recommended cleaning solution above. Apply SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD according to package instructions. When reapplying in small areas, lightly overlap onto areas previously treated with SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD.

13 men's Cascadia Brooks Cascadia men's Brooks 13
Brooks men's Cascadia Brooks Cascadia 13 men's 13 RB4wqxgF Brooks men's Cascadia Brooks Cascadia 13 men's 13 RB4wqxgF Brooks men's Cascadia Brooks Cascadia 13 men's 13 RB4wqxgF Brooks men's Cascadia Brooks Cascadia 13 men's 13 RB4wqxgF Brooks men's Cascadia Brooks Cascadia 13 men's 13 RB4wqxgF Brooks men's Cascadia Brooks Cascadia 13 men's 13 RB4wqxgF

  • Choose the path less traveled in this sporty trail running shoe that's built for rugged conditions
  • Moisture-managing, breathable Element mesh upper
  • Synthetic saddle overlays allow a foot-conforming fit
  • 3-D printed rubber mudguard protects against trail debris
  • Lace-up closure
  • Moisture-wicking Element mesh linings
  • BioMoGo foam Profile footbed for contoured support and cushioning
  • BioMoGo DNA cushioned midsole for a responsive, customized ride
  • S-257 Cushsole midsole compound under the insole for added cushioning
  • Updated Pivot Post System is an interconnected stabilizing system ideal for irregular trail surfaces
  • Ballistic rock shield thermoplastic EVA sheath layered between the outsole and midsole to protect against stone bruising
  • Caterpillar Crash Pad segmented heel crash pad flexes with the foot for a smoother heel-to-toe transition
  • Rubber sole made with HPR Green environmentally friendly material for wet or dry surface traction
  • 3-D hex lug tread pattern on sole for superior traction and aggressive grip on varied terrain

Heel Height 0
Material Fabric
Brand Name Brooks
Color Grey/Black/Orange

13 Cascadia Brooks Cascadia men's Brooks men's 13
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