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Scotch & Soda has designed this beautiful blouse. Comfortable and stylish, it provides on all levels. Scotch & Soda is back!

? The model measures 175cm and wears a size EU S.

Closure :

   Button fastening

Composition :

   Cotton : 100%

Care advice :

Fits in a drawer
Seals liquid with ease
Blue Red Blue White Nofe Nofe
Recloseable zip top bags
Blue Nofe Blue Nofe White Red Accessory port
Quick marinate in bag
Powerful dual
motor system
Nofe Nofe Red White Blue Blue
Three vacuum sealing modes
Hands free & Automatic bag detection

Nofe White Blue Nofe Blue Red

Professional vacuum sealing that fits in a drawer
Recloseable bags + great with liquids.

See it in action

The Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer™ contains a commercial-power dual motor system for the best vacuum sealer results. Its revolutionary system uses patented dual-seal Freshkeeper® technology to maximize the freshness of your food storage.  Unlike standard vacuum sealers, ours does not require you to cut and make your own bags, but instead uses zip-top bags that can be vacuumed again and again. Instead of vacuuming and sealing an entire side of the bag, the Oliso unit makes a small incision, pulls the air out, and then seals around the incision. Since the incision has a very small surface area, our vacuum sealer performs much better with liquids than competitor units that seal an entire side. In addition, its compact size makes it easy to store and automatic bag detection make it a breeze to use. It won the Madrid Fusion award, a prestigious culinary award presented to Oliso in January 2011.
Nofe Blue Blue Red Nofe White

  • Prep + freeze meals ahead

  • Buy in bulk + save money

  • Store garden harvest

  • Sous vide cooking

  • Meal portioning

  • White Nofe Nofe Blue Blue Red

    Oprah Magazine "Hard to believe that a device the size of your palm has the power and speed of a professional vacuum sealer"
    Serious Eats "I've recently dropped my much-used FoodSaver in favor of the Oliso PRO Smart Vacuum Sealer, a clever device that allows you to seal foods in recloseable zip-top bags while achieving and maintaining the same level of vacuum seal as any countertop vacuum sealer."
    Popular Science "Vacuum Sealing keeps food fresh, but most consumer packers are large and cumbersome, and each sealing requires a new bag. Instead of closing the whole end, the Oliso Vacuum Sealer punches a tiny hole in the bag to draw out air and seals the puncture with heat."

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